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Every Time.

Upcoming Events in 2021

Orlando, FL

Aug 12-15, 2021

Washington, DC

Aug 20-22, 2021

Colorado Springs

Aug 27-29, 2021


San Jose, CA

Aug 28-29, 2021


Atlanta, GA

Sep 2-6, 2021


Boston, MA

Sept 3-5, 2021


Calgary, AB

Sept 10-12, 2021


Portland, OR

Sep 10-12, 2021

Dallas, TX

Sep 17-19, 2021


Edmonton, AB

Oct 1-3, 2021


Toronto, ON

Oct 22-24, 2021


Denver, CO

Oct 29-31, 2021


Providence, RI

Nov 5-7, 2021


Los Angeles, CA

Dec 3-5, 2021


Picture Perfect

This is your moment, you and your favorite celebrity in a photo together and it has to be great. At Epic Photo Ops we make sure you get an amazing photo each and every time. Yes, we have all the best technology, but we also have that personal touch. Each photo is reviewed by a human being to check for blinks and make sure that the crop is just right. If it isn’t, then we make it right. That’s just how we roll.

Your Time is Valuable

You have more exciting things to do than stand in line. We get that, we're fans too. You want to see and do everything at the event and there is never enough time. Epic Photo Ops is the fastest in the business and we have perfected the celebrity photo op. You get dedicated times and your photo is printed on the spot and ready on your way out. So go ahead, plan to get more done when Epic Photo Ops is at your favorite event.